Air Sterilisation
Bio-Oxygen provides a fresh and sterilized atmosphere wherever it is installed.
It is a 100% natural process.
Air Purification
The use and installation of the Bio-Oxygen system guarantees a clean, healthy and sterilized environment and prevents cross infections and cross contamination.
Odour Control
Bio-Oxygen is an ideal product to react with any air contaminants and remove unpleasant or harmful odours from the air.

Bio-Oxygen. Air Purification, Sterilisation & Odour Control solutions for public areas. Hospitals, Clinics and Schools, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Hotels and Restaurants, and food processing facilities.

Bio-Oxygen quality warranty gives you peace of mind for the life of your machine. We stand behind our quality product and offer this unique warranty to guarantee our products and services.

Bio-Oxygen provides a comprehensive performance guarantee on our air purification and sterilization units. If your unit was installed by a licensed
Bio-Oxygen installer, then you are eligible for our performance guarantee.

Annual maintenance is put in place for the yearly electrode exchange which is an important part of keeping your machine running at optimal efficiency. The yearly electrode exchange gives you the opportunity to exchange your electrodes to ensure you always have reliable electrodes to ensure the efficient running of your machines.

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