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About Bio-Oxygen, Air Filtration, Air Purifiers

Bio-Oxygen is the natural way to safely eliminate odours and purify the air we breathe.


At Bio-Oxygen, we are pioneers in the field of sustainable odour control and air sterilisation systems, with almost four decades of achievement in the industry. Our unique system was invented in 1987 by Australian scientist Philipp Leicher, who discovered the potential of paramagnetic oxygen as an eco-friendly and non-toxic solution for eliminating airborne odour, gases, and chemicals.


We offer the only sustainable and safe air sterilisation system which guarantees odour-free results and 99% elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew, and protozoa in as little as 15 seconds.


Our indoor air pollution treatment systems are sustainable, effective, compact, low maintenance, have low running costs and come with a lifetime warranty.

Company Overview

Bio-Oxygen enjoys a position at the top of the international air sterilisation and purification market. Many businesses rely on us to provide clean air for hundreds and thousands of people.


From hospitals, to clubs, to high rise buildings, water treatment plants and abattoirs, Bio-Oxygen is at the forefront of new technology to turn dirty air into clean air using our patented technology.

With a modern and sophisticated approach to air purification and sterilisation.

Bio-Oxygen provides a vital service to tens of thousands of people worldwide who rely on our technology to prevent bacteria and disease from infiltrating the air flow systems.

Customisable Solutions

We can customise solutions to meet your air purification and air sterilisation needs. Our Bio-Oxygen system can clean and sterilise your air in about 15 seconds, ensuring improved indoor air quality and germ-free air.

Worldwide Installations

Bio-Oxygen units are installed all over the world in all the various industries, from hotels, hospitals, casinos, restaurants to food processing facilities. Read about us to learn more about how we can assist you with your air purification and air sterlisation needs.

30 + Years of experience