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Controlling Odour in Food Processing Plants

Food Processing Odour Control Management is a vital part of food processing plants. A food processing plant can produce numerous foul odours and a host of biological contaminants. Bio-Oxygen eradicates and neutralises the odours before they are exhausted into the outside atmosphere or even within the plant, ensuring the elimination of foul smells and bacterial contaminants, and greatly reducing the risks to the outside community.


With Bio-Oxygen installations, we ensure that the common problem of foul odours from food processing and bacterial contamination is no longer a problem.

Solutions for Food Processing

A growing level of sensitivity to odours and contamination from food processing plants within the surrounding community has prompted a requirement for food processing plants to filter their odours and waste.


With populations growing, homes and communities are being built closer and closer to industrial areas, prompting the need for industrial plants such as the food processing plants to be more responsive to offensive odours and harmful air pollution levels.