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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems ensure the bad odours from repeated cooking are contained and neutralised before they exit the building. However odours from inadequately designed commercial kitchen exhaust systems are common and a major problem in most residential communities, especially in areas with higher population densities.


With the addition of Bio-Oxygen systems to the design of commercial kitchen exhaust systems, we ensure and guarantee that ALL offensive odours are neutralised and eliminated from the source. Bio-Oxygen systems utilized in kitchen exhaust extract system have proven to be the most effective odour elimination system on the market. Several case studies have proven the Bio-Oxygen system to be 100% effective when compared to regular “ecology unit” systems being utilized in several existing kitchen exhaust extract odour control systems. In fact, Bio-Oxygen system has replaced several non-effective systems with multiple clients operating commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Keeping Commercial Kitchens Safe with Clean Air

The Bio-Oxygen Commercial Kitchen exhaust process injects oxygen clusters into the exhaust stack. The Oxygen clusters react with the odours, gases, and chemicals in the exhaust duct in seconds.


The higher the pressure in the exhaust duct, the faster the reaction will be. Usually, the pressure in an exhaust duct is quite high. In a Bio-Oxygen installation, Oxygen cluster air is injected into the polluted exhaust air. The oxygen cluster pipe and the exhaust pipe merge into one duct where the reaction takes place.


The Bio-Oxygen Process causes a chemical reaction between the oxygen clusters and the odours, gases, and chemicals. The Bio-Oxygen Process works at the molecular level. Carbon Filters are a negative odour treatment because they only absorb odours. They don’t actually change or do anything to the odours and chemicals themselves.


The performance and efficiency of a carbon filter are on a declining curve. Compared to the Bio-Oxygen Process remains constant for the duration of the service period.