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Hospitals, clinics, schools, and aged care facilities can be major sources of cross-infection, and cross-contamination with the spread of common bacteria and viruses throughout these facilities.


As Bio-Oxygen has proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses and other airborne contaminants and pathogens, we provide the perfect solution and prevention method reducing cross-infection and cross-contamination rates within all the facilities where our systems are installed. Bacterial samples taken before and after installation of Biooxygen have shown 99.99% elimination of CFUs in spaces and surfaces where Bio-Oxygen is present and operational.


Installation of Bio-Oxygen in school and education facilities is an essential part of controlling infection and spread of common diseases across classrooms full of young vulnerable children.

Hospital Odour & Microbe Control


A hospital room with surfaces that are scrubbed smooth and with recycled air might feel fresh and clean; however, when you go deeper, below the antiseptic smell, you will find an unseen world of harmful microbes whose chemical makeup is continuously changing.


All new patients are accompanied with their own set of microbiome which are microbes and bacteria that thrive on and in the body. These are then transmitted to bed sheets, TV remotes and everything the patient comes into contact with.


Doctors and nurses also have their own microbes. These invisible organisms infiltrate the vents and air. Other sources of these microbes include heaters, water systems, and other unique man-made locations. Every building has its own unique microbiome that is dynamic and constantly changing.


Control the Spread of Airborne Disease


Controlling the spread of disease is paramount in a medical environment. The unique Bio-Oxygen system sterilises the air and every surface the air touches.


Also, waste air exiting the building into the surrounding community must be treated in order to keep the spread of disease and bacteria to a minimum. The Bio-Oxygen process can handle even the largest hospitals and medical environments. We have installed our unique systems in some of the world’s largest hospitals and medical centers with tests proving that our system goes above and beyond expectations.